Terms of service

What is Squaddle?

Squaddle is an online service delivered by Squaddle Ltd (UK company number 11286335) for organising activities like sport. It helps organisers confirm attendees for their events, and to collect money on their behalf (for example, to pay for the hire of a sports pitch).


In these Terms of Service, "Squaddle", "We" or "Our" means Squaddle Ltd. "Organiser" means users who have created an admin account to create squads and manage activities or events (whether directly via the Squaddle website, or in response to being invited to become an admin of an existing squad). "Owner" means an Organiser who is also a Squad owner (usually the Organiser who created the squad). "Attendee" means a squad member who is invited to attend an activity or event created by an Organiser.

Responsibility and liability

All responsibility for the events created on the Squaddle platform lies solely with the Organiser and it is their responsibility entirely to ensure that events or activities organised via Squaddle are organised in accordance with applicable laws and regulations wherever they are taking place, and for ensuring that appropriate liability or other insurance is in place. Squaddle is an online service only and has no liability whatsoever for anything associated with what happens at the activities or events organised on the platform. We also bear no responsibility whatsoever for any content posted by Organisers.

Right to terminate

Notwithstanding the Organiser being wholly responsible for activities organised via Squaddle and the content posted by Organisers, if we believe that Squaddle is being used for any illegal or illicit activity, or if Squaddle is being used to share harmful or offensive content, Squaddle reserves the unilateral right to terminate the Organiser's access to Squaddle with immediate effect.

Right to leave a squad

Attendees can leave a squad at any time to stop receiving messages from the Organiser(s) of any squad. Any user (Attendees or Organisers) can contact us if they wish to leave Squaddle entirely, and we will delete all data associated with their account.

Using Squaddle for payments

Organisers and Owners may choose to use Squaddle's payment functionality. In this case, Squaddle acts as an agent for the Organiser or Owner. We bring about the transaction on behalf of the Organiser or Owner, allowing the Attendee to conveniently pay for the activity. Squaddle does not currently charge a fee for this agency service, but we may do in future.

Payment reminders

Squaddle allows Organisers to see which Attendees have outstanding payments and for Organisers to send payment reminders to collect money. Use of payment reminders is part of Squaddle's agency service, and Squaddle bears no responsibility or liability for Attendees who do not pay for activities organised via Squaddle. Organisers may manually mark Attendees as paid via the relevant activity screen if an Attendee pays outside of Squaddle and they want to reflect this in the outstanding payments list.

Withdrawing funds

Only Owners are able to withdraw funds. Withdrawal requests are checked by a human and Owners may be contacted to provide additional security information if necessary. If an Owner wishes to transfer ownership of a squad to another Organiser, or to add an additional Owner, they should contact us. Existing Owners must provide written consent prior to any transfer of squad ownership, or to any additional squad Owners being added to their squad. Non-personal bank accounts (e.g. a sports club) may be used for withdrawals provided the Owner is a signatory to the bank account.

No adverts

Squaddle is an ad-free service and so Organisers are not permitted to promote anything other than the activity or event that they are organising. Users who notice an Organiser using Squaddle for advertising or other promotional activityunrelated to an event or activity should contact us and we will take appropriate action.

Communication and privacy

Squaddle will occasionally contact Organisers to request feedback, provide updates about the Squaddle service, and with other information pertinent to their usage of Squaddle.

Organisers may use Squaddle to contact Attendees via the communication channel(s) they have set up (either WhatsApp, email, or both). Messages for individual activities/events can be sent only to those Attendees who have not marked themselves as out, though it is also possible for Organisers to message an entire squad.

Aside from messages related to activities, or messages sent by Organisers, Squaddle will never contact Attendees directly (unless they are also an Organiser). 

All users (Organisers, Attendees and Owners) are subject to Squaddle's Privacy policy.