How Squaddle works

Name squad.

Create your squad

Sign up for Squaddle and create your squad — it's as easy as giving it a name.

Add members

Share the joining link

Copy the joining link and share it with others so they can join your squad.

It only takes seconds for players to sign up — they just have to give us their name and WhatsApp number (or email) for notifications.

See who's in and who's out

Schedule an activity

Create a one-off or weekly repeating activity and Squaddle will send out invites via WhatsApp (or email).

New squad members will be invited to any open activities so you don’t need to wait until everyone’s signed up.

See who's in and who's out

Squad members can respond to invites and Squaddle will show you who’s in and who’s out.

When an activity is oversubscribed, a reserve list will be created — if someone drops out, the first reserve will be promoted to the IN list.

Get important updates

Get important updates

Squaddle will send you and other squad admins important updates, such as when the max number of players has been reached or if someone drops out.

We make sure you stay informed without unnecessary distractions.

Take payments

Take payments

Squaddle can collect payments from players (securely via Stripe). Easily keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t, and send gentle reminders to those who are slow to settle up.

You can withdraw your funds whenever you need to.

Join squad

Join a squad

When you receive a squad link, it only takes a few seconds to join.

Simply add your name and WhatsApp number (or email address if you prefer) and follow the instructions.

Notification channel

Choose notification channel

Choose between WhatsApp and email for notifications.

You can change this at any time via your Account Settings.

WhatsApp notifications


With WhatsApp, you can reply ‘in’ to confirm your place or ‘out’ if you can’t make it. You can also reply ‘who’ to see who else is going.

Your squad organiser will be able to send you invites, updates, and payment reminders.

Email notifications


With email, you can respond to invites using the handy buttons. You'll also be able to see who else is going and easily get to your Payments and Account Settings.

Your squad organiser will be able to send you invites, updates, and payment reminders.

Make payments

Make payments

If your organiser chooses to collect money with Squaddle, you'll be able to make secure payments through our partner Stripe.

Squaddle keeps track of who’s paid and your organiser can send payment reminders if you forget to settle up.